Menstruation Barbie

As long as I have known her, Barbie has perpetually been 5 steps ahead of the rest of the women on Earth. Between flawless skin, a hunky boyfriend, an unbelievable figure, and about 50 successful occupations, she is like a beauty queen overachiever on steroids. It’s too much to handle! To much to take! What I would LOVE to see is a real woman’s Barbie. Not only that. She would be portraying something every true girl must go through:

their period.

Menstruation Barbie would be outfitted not in her usual fashionable attire, but ugly grey sweats to better hide the week’s unfortunate bloating. Chocolate stains line the edges of her lips and the stress lines of holding 50 different careers, plus constantly losing her shoes (if you have ever had a Barbie, you totally understand this) would finally be visible on her forehead. As for Ken, he would be cowering in the corner, the latest victim of her unstable hormonal rage.

If anyone has ever seen a Barbie like this, or created one themselves, please let know/send a pic. I would love to see it.



How closely are our dreams linked to reality and can they truly hold valid meaning? 

This thought has weighed heavily on my mind all day after a particularly terrifying experience last night. I would rather not go into detail but suffice to say I awoke in a cold sweat,  on the verge of tears and scared out of my mind of falling asleep again. Waking up for class several hours later, I was still very much rattled.

Instances like this make me hope beyond belief there is no link. After all, past dreams of mine have not come true, and by this I mean the dreams that actually mimic reality, not the giraffe driving a lawnmower episode.  Yet some studies do say there is a link and I have heard of many stories where individuals had premonitions of things to come in their sleep.

Let’s hope the only dreams that do come true are the ones we make consciously and not the occasional nightmare that pervades our minds.