Is this really better than Anthrax?

As I have mentioned before, I don’t exactly live or work in the nicest part of town. There are crazies on the MAX, homeless on the streets, and piss on the sidewalks. So it should come as no surprise that a certain individual near my office has taken it upon himself to add to the delirium

Perhaps he is unstable. Maybe it’s a fetish. There is also the slight chance that he simply hates the US postal service. Regardless of the reason, this particular creature decided to make a very public “genetic deposit” (as my coworker put it) into the curbside mailbox across the street from my work building. And the scary reality is, he can’t possibly be the ONLY one.

So now, my heart goes out, both to the postal workers who have to deal with this sort of craziness on a regular basis, as well as the two poor little curbside mailboxes in the area that had to be removed. All that remains are some sad little bolts on the sidewalk. And all I can think is: What is gonna happen next? Oh P-Town



No Pants Subway Ride 2009 // Current

I don’t know about you, but I would DEFINITELY do this if I had the chance. Totally amazing/hilarious!


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P I C – and all it means to me

So for one of my classes this term I am working with a start up company with the acronym PIC. As a result, I have decided to see what other PICs (partners in crime) this acronym could have…

  1. Please Incubate Chicks
  2. Postage Is Cheap
  3. Princess Imprisonment Camp
  4. Panty Inspector Caught
  5. Pretty Incisors Chomping
  6. Pumping Iron Cans
  7. Plain Iguanas Cuddle
  8. Plateau Inclines Crash
  9. Petty Infractions Cost
  10. Postcards Inch Creepily
  11. Peas Investigate Creaking
  12. Puddles Inquire Cordially
  13. Phone Interrogators Cackle
  14. Phony Impala Caress
  15. Plastic Ingests Cauliflower
  16. Paddle Icky Cancer
  17. Pentagons Ignore Candles
  18. Petroleum Icebergs Crunch
  19. Ponder Ingenious  Celery
  20. Paint Insomniac Caterers
  21. Package Illiterate Carrots
  22. Portable Ibuprofen Charter
  23. Paranormal Ice Cream
  24. Paper Ignites Creativity
  25. Pandemic Ice Caps
  26. Prank Impatient Cucumbers
  27. Palm Illegal Candy
  28. Parallel Igloos Chastise 
  29. Photograph Incest Confirmed
  30. Pope Imitates Cabbage
  31. Play Iceland Cribbage
  32. Panthers In Church
  33. Potato Impacts Choir
  34. Platypus  Identifies Challenge
  35. Parties Insinuate Chimpanzees

Girls that pee together, stay together

Why I love my best friend, even though I have not seen her since last March :

Randomness: Who else can you have a text war featuring the various parts of the reproductive system? VAGINA!

Determination: Both of us are avid students and understand the stress and anxiety that comes with such a focus on school.

How we became friends: Drunk, looking for a party nearly  2 miles away from our house, singing about how badly we had to pee. (We ended up peeing in a park right before we realized we were just across the street from the party)

Contact: To this day, she remains the only person living far away from me that I keep in constant contact with. Think several text messages per day, several times per week.

Food: I don’t know how many times we baked something together (or just sat down with a bucket of raw cookie dough) and just enjoyed the food, each other, and most likely a rerun of CSI.

Mutual Hatred: While the grudge has not lasted for me, at the time both her and I were at passive-aggressive odds with the other roommates in our house, basically for not understanding our need to study and sleep occasionally. (We were both taking extremely hard classes, they were throwing keggers at our house.)

Nakedness: While she lived with me, I always threatened to walk directly from the shower to her room to share with her my nakedness. While I never actually did it, it has since become a long standing joke and we are contemplating a spring break reunion at Black’s Beach.

Respect: enough said

Compassion: Both of us had our moments hyperventilating and breaking down together or to each other. We also were there for each other when we both came down with a horrible stomach flu just a few days apart. I know personally that means a lot to me.

I can’t believe in all the time I have known my friend, we have lived apart longer than we have lived together, yet we are still closer than any other friend I made growing up. I can only hope to see here soon. I miss you!