Temperamental Tastebuds

I never really grew up as a picky eater. Sure, I, like most kids, fought with my parents when a few choice vegetable were placed on my place (still not a fan of green beans), but for the most part I was pretty good about clearing my place. Spinach: yum, steak: yes please, broccoli casserole: delicious, corn: haiyoooo! However, I now find myself dating someone who, while still not necessarily picky, has a few idiosyncrasies when it comes to food. This is my food challenge and I hope one day to ease him into a love of a few more tasty treats.

1. Cheese – He likes cheese only half the time. Bring him a plate of fine brie and gouda with crackers and wine to boot and he will assuredly decline. Heat that cheese up on a disk of dough with some pepperoni on top and it will be gone before you know it. The only exception to this rule, as far as I have found, is mozzarella. Ironically, you mostly find this cheese melted and gooey on top of a hot italian dish anyway.

2. Fish – Growing up in the Northwest I love, love, LOVE my fish. I have been eating more than my fair share of delicious chinook salmon since I was little, not to mention the occasional treat of backyard bbq oysters, a few rare meals of lobsters, and pretty much every other fish or shellfish I have been able to try. NOT from the Northwest, my significant other HATES seafood. I guess scarring childhood experiences have made him believe that all fish is inevitably gross and “fishy.”  “Not here!” I try to tell him. “We have wonderful seafood here!” But alas, I think I may be too late to help him understand the joys of a wonderfully made cioppino or delicious grilled clam.

3. Coffee – Now, this one really gets me as I was recently able to trick the BF into digesting a little coffee without his knowledge, and he LOVED it. I think what scared him the most is the bitterness of a dark bold roast, which is (of course) what I prefer. Being privy to such a flavor around me, he won’t even try the glorified, liquified desserts known as coffee drinks (caramel macchiato, anyone?), no matter now sweet I tell him they are. Then, the other day, I snuck a bit of coffee ground directly into a batch of chocolate chip cookies I was baking and let him try one, not telling him my secret ingredient. He thought they were amazing, said he couldn’t even taste the coffee (which I wonder about because I could). Nevertheless, it made me feel like I had at least made some headway on his unique pickiness.

Despite all his protests, I sometimes find myself thinking… maybe, someday, we will be able to sit down to a meal of smoked salmon and brie, followed by a lovely warm and foamy cappuccino the next morning…. maybe not.


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