ABCs of P-Town (part 2: I-L)

Alright bloggers, here is another little snippet:

International – No, I am not referring to PDX, Portland’s International Airport. Nor am I speaking of the multiple ethnic restaurants and food carts around the area (although, if you have a chance, they are definitely worth a taste).  Instead, I am talking about Portland’s overall acceptance, abundance, and celebration of different national cultures. There are, of course, the expected celebrations such as Cinco de Mayo, St. Patrick’s Irish Festival,  and Oktoberfest. (The last link is probably the most prominent of Oregon’s Oktoberfests, at Mt. Angel, but if you are looking for one that is actually closer to downtown Portland, check out the events page for Oaks Amusement Park.) But then Portland takes it a step further. Other festivals throughout the year include the Festa Italiana, the Greek Festival, the India Festival,  the Chinese New Year, and, an event I have yet to see but am definitely going to mark on my calendar, the Portland Highland Scottish Games.

Japanese Gardens – A popular tourist site, the Japanese Garden is really something to see. Nestled next to the International Rose Gardens and walking distance to the Wildwood Trail, you could easily spend an entire day enjoying mother nature at her finest. Picturesque bridges, steps, streams and fountains mingle gracefully with the surrounding flora. In addition to its beautiful landscaping, the Japanese Garden also is host to multiple events and festivals throughout the year. There is even a free admission day for those on a tight budget. (Veteran’s Day)

Klickitat Street – For those who grew up reading the many children’s books written by Beverly Clearly, Klickitat Street should definitely be ringing a few bells. This is the street the famous little Ramona Quimby (and her older sister Beezus, of course) grew up on. Haha, I still love recalling the book where the two girls complain about cow tongue and are forced to make dinner for the family the following. Not knowing how to check first for ingredients, Ramona and Beezus end up making a simple dinner of rice, chicken, and cornbread include substitutions of banana yogurt, cream of wheat, and chili powder.  In their world, one could also hope to run into Otis, Ribsy, Henry, and many more Cleary characters. Well, actually, you might run into a few of those characters too. Near Klickitat, in Grant Park, there are a few bronze statues, erected in 1991, depict Henry Huggins, Ribsy, and Ramona Quimby.

Light Rail – While Portland (and let’s face it, the U.S. in general) is waaaaaay behind Europe when it comes to public transportation, it does do it’s part with the Trimet MAX or Light Rail. The Light Rail here consists of 4 different lines (Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green) that run from various metropolitan areas into downtown and back out again. This provides an easy way to get around, a relief from the task of finding a parking spot, and a daily dose of entertainment. (see my earlier post, Trimet). And no Light Rail is going to give you more of this than the eastern Blue Line, which runs into from Gresham (deep SE Portland) out to Hillsboro. Simply put,  SE Portland people are CRAZY.  (Again, read my earlier post, but know I see far-fetched variations of those interactions almost every day.) Even so, the Light Rail really is the trick to getting to and from the airport without the hassle or cost of a taxi, or to Jeld-Wen field to cheer on the Portland Timbers, or even to see an a capella group randomly break into song. You may know where you are going, but you can never be sure what you will see along the way.


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