Do my Chacos turn you on?

We always hear that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, (or for those of you still in college “beerholder”) but does anyone ever discuss or think about how diverse, unique, or downright weird that “beauty” could be? I am not talking about outlandish fetishes or grotesque obsessions that would make most people cringe. (Although, if you are curious about those, you should really check out this list.) Rather, I am looking at the individual departures from what most fashion and womens magazines ram down our throats day after day. Yes, there is something to be said for the classic idea of “beauty,” but what about those yearnings for something you won’t find in the pages of Vanity Fair. I know a girl who had a thing for Timber Joey of the Portland Timbers, while her friend was pining for one of the chant screaming capos. I also know several guys that (by far) prefer a girl in running shoes and shorts to one in a slinky black dress and 4-inch stilettos. Even my own boyfriend seems more enamored with me when I am sporting pigtails, a plaid shirt, and a pair of chacos than when I am wearing any sort of “sexed-up” outfit I might throw together. Put me on a bike and I am pretty sure he would need a straight jacket to keep his hands to himself. So, what causes these diverse interests/attractions? Is it simply the individual’s personality or could some of it be attributed to growing up in different households, locations, schools, social circles, etc.? What makes it so that no matter how strange or peculiar a single person is, there always seems to be that perfect match for him/her?  Well, whatever it is, I am just glad that I can stare into that wide-eyed, goofy grin my own boyfriend likes to plaster on his face and know that, for me, that is exactly the “beauty” I am looking for.


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