Don’t Call Me “Sweetie”

Honey, baby, beautiful, darling, pumpkin, pooky, love – coming from the right person, these terms of endearment can be sweet, uplifting, and well… endearing. But if you are not a close relative, a long time (family) friend, or a doting significant other, you may want to leave such names alone. No offense, but it truly creeps me out when a scraggly looking man twice my age walks into the bank, up to my window, and says ‘hey there sweetie’ while simultaneously winking and sliding forward his most recent paycheck. On top of that, it somewhat baffles me that some people are so comfortable with these terms. As my boyfriend can attest to, it took a quite a while before I started calling him pet names. So how is it that while I take my time breaking out the lovey dovey sentiments with someone I truly care about, a casual acquaintance (at most!) has no problem unleashing the same endearing terms on me?

No matter.. please just keep your “sweetie” to yourself.


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