Last minute entry… am I crazy?

While I may not have mentioned this for a while (I think my last post pertaining to this was months ago) I am an avid runner. I am the insane girl who tries to hit the trails five times a week, who considers hour long runs a typical workout, and who always seems to imagine someone running next to her, just so she will go faster. That being said, while I was studying in London  I lament to say I did not run at all! This is not to say that I didn’t want to. Running in an English marathon or half marathon was actually an original goal for me. But then I arrived on the island and I realized that between the commute, the packed days, and the homework at night, I would rather take my spare time and explore a city/nation that I may not see again for years/decades that stress out about hitting 30-40 miles per week.

Months later, I have finally started getting back into my running routine. This will be my third week of maintaining a 5 runs/week schedule, and while I am finally starting to feel like I am getting back into shape, I really do not know how well prepped I will be for this weekend’s race. That’s right, 3 weeks into running again and I sign up for a 10k…. tomorrow! On top of that, the course is on trails through Silver Falls State Park. Good thing I don’t have a problem with mud. Oh yeah, did I mention participants are encouraged to dress up in cowboy gear? Now, I am not gonna take it that far (I prefer to run comfortably in my running shorts when pounding out 6.5 miles) but it certainly adds to the idea that the event and I just aren’t normal.


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