Another Day, Another Scar

So yeah, I am definitely a klutz. I never played a sport involving eye-hand coordination, my younger brother mastered the art of riding a bike before I did (in my defense he is only 18 months younger), and, although I have lived in a house with stairs for nearly a decade, I still managed to trip up/down them every-so-often. With all this falling, bumping, fumbling, crashing, etc., it should come as no surprise that I have had my fair share of cuts and bruises, (half of which I can’t even recall how I got). But the worst part is the scars. Normally seen as battle wounds that come with the accompanied badass stories, mine are the embarrassing reminders of my uncoordinated self. Case-and-point:

Right arm: burn scar from working the steam-press at my dad’s shop.

Right shoulder: falling while running

Right knee: falling while running

Left ankle: shaving in the shower

Left ankle: head-on bike collision with my brother (this is probably as close to badass as I am going to get)

Inside of right elbow: baking cookies (hard core, right?)

And what will most likely be the newest addition is a burn on my left index finger from stoking our family’s wood stove (which I have been doing for 10 years!)

I really should just lie and give a much cooler reason for all these marks. Any suggestions?


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