Speechless in Slovenia

Losing your voice sucks. Losing your voice in another country sucks even harder.

At the beginning of my week long break after midterms A (my roommate), J (my cousin), his two friends and I met up in Northern Italy and headed to Slovenia for a fun night of clubbing. Yet from the moment A and I arrived at the Venice Airport where my cousin was to pick us up, I could tell that my voice was starting to fade. And during the four hour drive to Ljubljana it only got worse.  By the time we had trekked through the cold to a restaurant and back for dinner, as well as started our pre-gaming in the hotel room, my voice was completely gone. The most I could possibly get out was a squeak.

The rest of the night’s festivities suddenly became 10 times as difficult for me, and frustrating because I was not truly able to catch up with my cousin whom I almost never get to see. For a while I tried to whisper to my roommate  what drinks I wanted and what I wanted to say in terms of conversation but my voice ended up not being able to handle the strain. Plus, a whisper isn’t really audible in a club or bar anyway. Basically the rest of the night was spent drinking whatever was handed to me (not always the best idea) and using the rest of my body to indicate what I want – aka very hard elbows to the chests of guys trying to creep on me on the dance floor. All in all a good night, but I still would have rather had my voice.


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