Peppermint Perfection

What is is about peppermint and chocolate that make something so irresistible? In truth I never really do think about it until the holidays come near and the candy canes come out, but really, the combination is to die for. Ever since December hit, I can’t stop thinking of ways to munch on or put together these two flavors. York peppermint patties, of course, are already waiting with the scrumptious peppermint/chocolate combo, and so are a few other sweets we have around the house. But in addition, I love creating and eating peppermint brownies (just add 1/4 tsp of peppermint extract to brownies, plus crushed candy cane on top), chocolate chip peppermint cookies (1/2 cup crushed candy cane to any recipe, although, getting them off the baking sheet is a little tricky due to the quick hardening candy), and peppermint hot cocoa (whether you use extract or peppermint shnapps, it is sure to leave you warm and satisfied).

Make any one of these and you will agree: Peppermint was not meant to be limited to toothpaste and gum, it should be enjoyed (especially with chocolate) in many other delectable ways.


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