Baking up a storm

After arriving home from London a couple weeks ago, I had a craving for some baking. Never mind that sweets seem to be a staple of the holiday season, I was in dire need of some cookie dough therapy after spending nearly three months without making a single sweet. And so, propelled by this baking need and the annual Christmas cookie frenzy, I made the following treats (and the list is still growing).

Four (4) double batches of Chex Mix – various recipes. I highly recommend you go  to and try a few of the lesser known ones.

One (1) batch chocolate chip peppermint cookies

One (1) batch marionberry thumbprint cookies

One (1) batch pumpkin cookies

One (1) batch sugar cookies

One (1) batch nutmeg log cookies

One (1) DOUBLE batch gingerbread cookies

Two (2) batches peppermint brownies

One (1) batch caramel corn

Now it is time to get ready for the family dinner Thursday evening (aka MORE baking)


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