Missing a good read

While I am definitely not proud to admit this, it has been months since I read a book for pleasure. Between the time it takes to rifle through, skim, and otherwise feign reading my textbooks for class, I never seem to find a moment long enough to truly enjoy a book I have substantial interest in. Until this weekend that is.

Home for Easter, I happened to convince my friends to accompany me to the book Mecca for Oregonians: Powell’s. I departed from my comrads the instant we entered the store and quickly lost myself in the gloriously filled shelves for hours. It was then that I suddenly realized how long it had been since I had enjoyed spreading the pages of a good book between my fingers. My eyes longed to travel down rows of words not pertaining to economics, media consolidation and communication theory. My mind begged for an escape from the University driven life I had unwittingly become captive to. Needless to say, I had to have one.

My book of choice from this endeavor was a memoir called Candy Girl: A year in the life of an unlikely stripper. I will be sure to write more on the actual tale later, but, oh, what a release!! Now looking back at the required text for my upcoming international communication exam, I am not sure I can bring myself to such torture again.


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