Running Monologue

It truly is strange, the thoughts that go through one’s (okay, my) head while running. I have had friends who ran cross country with me agree that running long distances give ample time to let your mind wander. A few of the things that may go through my mind…

Good start, good start.

Keep your arms pumping, knees up, not too fast

Gotta keep this pace up for 7 miles

I probably should do laundry today

I wonder if the old asian lady is out walking, will I see her. That was awesome when she gave me the peace sign

Starting to breath hard. No I am not. Yes I am. Oh suck it up! You are already being a wuss and you still have 6 1/2 miles to go!

Do I smell Pinesol?

Lemony freshness, that’s the power of Pinesol Baby!

Hill hill hill, keep going, such a baby, just make it to the top.

Ooooh , I smell fondue! Fondue, I am fond of you. More fond of you than due dates, doodoo, duties. Dooty doo doo doo.

I wonder how many miles I have run so far? 3? No, 2 1/2 at the most, wimp! KEEP GOING!!

So, I could probably go on and on since it never really stops but that is an EXTREMELY small example of what my mind is like while running. Then again, my mind itself is almost always running….


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