10 Simple Pleasures in Life

I  (and hopefully you) have more than just 10, but these are a few of the first that came to mind…

  1. Licking the extra pudding/yogurt off the peel-off top
  2. Seeing the abundance of patterns and colors on display in a craft store. (I have a similar reaction to organized school supplies)
  3. Finding $5 (or more) in the pocket of your jeans
  4. Discovering a penny (heads up, of course) on the sidewalk
  5. An uncharacteristically sunny day (especially in Oregon)
  6. The crisp cover and spine of an unopened, hardcover book
  7. Telling a joke that no one has to fake laughter for.
  8. Listening to the rain pour down on your roof.
  9. Using small, white, christmas lights indoors… when it’s not Christmas.
  10. Fuzzy wool socks.

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