Perhaps You Should Get a Size Up?

So tonight I am sitting in my room, working on an end of the term project, when I hear my roommate come barreling down the hallway screaming my name. 

“What?!” I shout back, wondering what could be the big (not really) emergency now. Barging into the room she looks me straight in the face and deadpans, “I can’t get my shoes off.” Huh?

Now I have had a few tight shoe moments myself where it takes a minute or two to wiggle my feet out of my slightly snug boots, but this was something entirely different. I braced myself on my bed as she sat on the ground, grabbed the end of her shoe, and pulled. Nothing. So we tried again, me pulling one way, my roommate the other, me sliding along the side of my bed before we can even get her foot to budge. This went on for awhile and after several more attempts we finally got the first boot off, but this was only the beginning.

Unable to help my roommate get the other shoe off her foot, I bid her good luck as she stumbled down the stairs to another one of the girls that lives in our house. Now, I was not there to witness this, but apparently the other boot proved to be more than a slight challenge. It involved at least half an hour of pulling, pushing, grunting, a little help from some chopsticks and a foot in the girl’s ass for leverage.

She still refuses to believe her feet might be too big for her shoes, but that is fine with me. I get to experience more free entertainment.


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