journalism prerequisites, the ones they don’t tell you about

1. Loss of social life: This is more prevalent in info hell than anywhere else. (and if you are a part of sojc at UO you know EXACTLY what I am talking about) Part of the way to get around this is meeting for various groups at a local bar/coffee shop/someone’s apartment. But in the end, it is still schoolwork.

2. Procrastination: One of my professors once mentioned that the amount of work expands to meet the time allotted. If that is the case, us journalism students are excellent expanders of time when it comes down to the crunch. Either that, or we have an extremely unhealthy access to caffeinated drinks.

3. Insanity: Part of this has to due with the fact that we subject ourselves to info hell just to get into the journalism program. The other part (more directed toward the creatives in this major) is the fact that we often have to think abstractly, out of the box, in circles, squares, parallelograms, whatever. And while we may get the occasional weird glance here or there, life is definitely more interesting.

4. Curiosity: If you do not have this before entering the program, it will be pounded into your brain by the end (although it shouldn’t have to). Curiosity about the world around us and the way it works is one of the greatest tools we could ask for. Just keep asking why and how and what and you are bound to find so many interesting things you never knew before.

5. Creativity: I don’t think I should really have to put this here, but I am to remind everyone that they have at least some level of creativity. Maybe you only have enough to color the graph on your business presentation, or maybe you have an endless flow of stories, ideas, thoughts, etc. Everyone is creative and being in this program means never saying you are not creative enough. Just believe and run with it.


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