Creative Traits

Here are the 10 characteristics of creative people/personalities. For the entire article by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi see the link below.

  1.  While they posses a great deal of energy and enthusiasm, creative people are often found at rest. They alternate between periods of extreme concentration and vigor and periods of relaxation, neither of which is affected by the normal,external calendar most people tend to follow.
  2.  Creative people tend to be smart and naive at the same time. They often have a high reading of the “g factor” or core of general intelligence.
  3.  They combine playfulness with a balance of discipline. Obviously a more childish or light attitude helps when coming of with new, imaginative ideas, but there still needs to be the concentration and determination of an adult to apply it.
  4.  They can alternate between world of fantasy and imagination and deep rooted reality. There are many individuals who are seen as belonging to either one end of the spectrum or the other. Musicians, writers, and poets are more involved in fantasy while scientists and business people cover the reality side. Creatives tend to sway back and forth.
  5.  Creative people exhibit both extroverted and introverted traits simultaneously. Yeah, I thought this was a little weird too, but it from the rest of the list, creativity is generally all over the place.
  6.  To an extent, creative people escape much the stereotyping that goes along with different genders.
  7.  Creative people are humble and proud at the same time. They are proud of the work they accomplish and revel in being praised for successful people, yet at the same time understand that much of what they do is judged subjectively. To some degree, success in creativity comes down to luck.
  8.  Creative people are both conservative and rebellious. This somewhat goes in line with wanting to keep to tradition with some ideas and processes while at the same time always looking for the next big idea and wanting to be different.
  9. They can be extremely passionate about their work while also being very subjective. This is really easy to notice if you or a friend has ever worked on a project and spent an unknown amount of time changing and tweaking the most minute details. It is the objectiveness and harsh opinion put into creative work that makes it great. The passion is how creatives keep interested for that long.
  10. Finally, a creative person’s open sensitivity and vulnerability can lead to quickly hurt feelings and suffering. At the same time, this doubles for  a wondrous lift when joy is felt as well. So much time and passion is often put into a project that the emotional outcome can be a tremendous flood at either end of the scale.

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