Picky Eaters

It is amazing to me how particular some people can be about their food. Of course, as children, it is to be expected that we will rebel against our vegetables and yearn for the sweets always put on the highest shelf. But at what point should this wear away, whether due to comprehension of healthy eating or simple changes in taste?

I have had several friends (and relatives) who are adamant about steering clear of certain foods. And while I can understand specifics here and there (I will not eat cooked green beans if they aren’t in a soup) I know people who cut out dozens of foods and entire cuisines because of their taste. Can that many things truly taste bad to someone?

And taking it further, what about those people that have uncommon, almost OCD, preferences in their food. I literally know someone that has an entire tupperware of green, red, and purple Skittle because “they are the best ones.” Isn’t this taking it a little too far.

I personally prefer being open to most foods and willing to try new ones at least once. After all, what is life without a little variety? (or at least an orange skittle now and then)


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