My Music

Like most people in the world, music has a profound impact on me. Depending on my mood and the song, music can move me to smile so hard my face can hardly hold the grin, or it can reduce me to a sniffling bag of tears. I can feel enlightened, motivated, somber, energetic, passionate, competitive, depressed, and on and on. And even though they say the sense of smell is the strongest in evoking memories, music is what reminds me most of people and places in my life. Here are a few of those songs and my personal connection with them…

“Little Miss Magic” – According to my dad, this is the song that he used to sing to me when I was a little baby. As no surprise, this will also be the song that plays during the father-daughter dance at my wedding-whenever that happens. Even now, whenever either of us hears the song on the radio, listening to our iPods, etc., we call each other.

Anything by either Jim Croce or Huey Lewis and the News – These were the singers I always remember listening to on the boat at Detroit Lake. My family has been going there every year since I was a toddler, and every year my dad cranks these songs as we lay out in the sun and swim all day.

Gordon Lightfoot – Another camping singer only this is for back at the actual campsite. More specifically, my family always plays this in the morning as we are groggily sitting around the campfire, cooking the eggs and bacon over the flames… at least until we got the propane cooker.

“On Eagles Wings” – This was the last song played at the funeral for one of my aunts. I was sobbing by the end of the service and to this day cannot hear the song without thinking of her and all the things she taught me (including how a girl can never have too much chocolate)

“The song of farewell” – The reason for this hymn is pretty much the same as above except it was for my grandfather’s funeral. It is also especially meaningful since I personally chose this hymn to be played at his service. In addition, I played “Silent Night” on my violin (he died about a week before Christmas) so that song also carried the sam association.

Frank Sinatra/Dino Martin – I swear this is the last “dead relatives” reference. My grandma, even in her last days, loved listening to these two artists over and over again. I think she secretly had a crush on Dino after watching all his shows.

“Baby Got Back” – This is the karaoke song of choice for one of my many cousins. If there is a karaoke machine anywhere near her, you can bet she will eventually be singing this song. (Same goes for “Jumping Jack Flash” and one of my uncles.)

“It’s Hip to be a Square” – Yup, this is me. My dad once made a comment about how this song (or at least the chorus) fit me to a tee. Unfortunately, my brothers have never forgotten this moment and bring it up anytime the song is heard.

…there are a bunch more but they are additional association to people none of you will know so I will spare you those and leave you with these last few songs…

“Goodbye My Almost Lover” – This is a great reflective song for me. I don’t know what it is but the song just seems to calm me. I always feel like just closing my eyes and let the lyrics and music wash over me whenever this song comes up on my iPod (it is ALWAYS on shuffle)

“Remember the Name” – This song does for me what “Eye of the Tiger” seems to do for most other. It always pumps me up and gets me into the competitive spirit. Chances are if I am listening to this I am running or doing some other form of exercise. (The same goes for “Petrified”)

“Winding Road” – This song my Bonnie Somerville is my hands-down, #1 sing in the shower song. If no one is home I rattle the winders belting this out at the top of my lungs over and over again 🙂

finally, my “happy song” always seems to switching from week to week. Right now it is “Hiroshima” (weird choice, I know) but I have a feeling it is going to change soon.

**I also love country music. Older stuff like Clint Black, George Straight, Garth Brooks… I grew up on it and it was the first type of music I really listened to for a length of time. In fact, “Love without End, Amen” was the first song I ever learned all the lyrics too.


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