Love Hurts

It is almost two weeks until Valentine’s Day and I can already foresee another holiday that reminds me of my permanent residency in singleton. I truly have never been one to dislike the holiday, but with no “special someone” and even my best friend at the far end of another state, it just feels as if it may be a little lonely this year.

Oh well. At least I have this video to remind me that I am not the only one. And what’s more? It can be a great excuse to get a little tipsy.  Haha!

Love Hurts Video


3 thoughts on “Love Hurts

  1. chin up, there are so many wonderful things about being single! although i’ve never been in a relationship, and i understand how being single does get lonely, i’ve learned to just embrace my current situation. think of it this way: at least there’s no way to be disappointed on valentine’s day when you’re single. there are no expectations!
    cheers, R

  2. cheer up.,. i think you’re luckier ’cause you’re single and less needs to think of not having someone to be with this coming valentine’s day.,. in my case, i have my boyfriend who should be with me on that day but sad to say we can’t be together by that time because he’s in for a training in a place far from me and there’s no way he can have the holiday until April.,.,
    hope you have a great V day!! 😉

  3. Thanks to both of you. I guess it’s not so much I am single, but the fact that I will also not have my family or best friend nearby on that day, either. I generally just assume Valentine’s Day as a time to appreciate and love anyone in your life who means something to you and not having the dearest people with me that day is a little depressing. Hope you both have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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