Four inches higher

Growing up with only brothers the appeal of high heels never got to me until later in life. Even now, I only wear them out on the weekends when I go out and to nice events. Yet I see many girls wearing them day to day as a they walk across campus to class. What makes us girls (women) wear such a torturous form of footwear? Even in my somewhat limited wear of high heels, I definitely have a few reasons.

 I love the fact that they lengthen my legs, make me taller, and give me better posture (or at least that is how it feels). Wearing them, I can’t help but feel sexy and powerful. The “click clack” of my heels hitting the hard floor or sidewalk only adds to the appeal. And yet, I know how absolutely ridiculous such a choice in footwear heels are.

High heels are not nearly as comfortable as other shoes. Guys opt for sneakers and flip-flops most the time (and when it’s not the weekend, so do I); however, girls cannot seem to get away from the aesthetic look of a high heel for something more practical. It seems that even walking in them is a skill to be acquired. It definitely took me a while before I was able to strut around in the 3 1/2 to 4 inch heels I wear on nights out now. In addition, they cause damage. Not just the long term damage that no one our age seems to care about anyway but short term pain and discomfort. After 14+ hours in 4 inch heels in Vegas (it’s Las Vegas, I had to!) my feet were not only sore and forming blisters but bleeding. 

It just goes to show that the old saying is true: Pain is beauty, beauty is pain.


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