Wasting Time On Craigslist

Alright, so I will admit it: I can often be a craigslist addict. I look through the “for sale” section when I have no money to buy anything. I peruse the housing posts when I have no intention of moving. But most of all, I look in the “missed connections,”  hoping, against all odds, that someone will have put in a notice there for me.

Regardless of whether I respond or not, I have always felt it would be exciting to read of a place, an encounter, and know that I am the mystery person the message is meant for. It is like being in on the ultimate secret; only two people truly share it but everyone is open to view it without comprehension. 

Yet even without finding myself among the numerous posts, I still am able to stumble upon some quite entertaining stories. This is one of them.

Man stabs himself in front of waitress

Sorry, I guess this has recently been removed. To sum up: man walks into restaurant, think waitress is hot, starts talking to her, begins to get erection, doesn’t realized he is getting erection and instead believes something is crawling up his pants, stabs himself in the penis with his fork, pays and runs away, leaves craigslist post as explanation/hope for pity date.


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