Differences between boys and girls (the beginning)

1. Let’s say “varying physical attributes” and get that out of the way from the start

2. Time it takes to go to the bathroom (or in a girl’s case, according to most guys I know, NOT go the bathroom, because we apparently don’t do that)

3. The way we remove a shirt. Girls pull both arms in first. Guys just tug it over their heads by grabbing the back. I never really understood why.

4. Length of time they stay mad. This, of course, can vary from person to person, but I generally see girls hold grudges much longer than guys.

5. Attention to cleanliness. College boys’ bathroom. Enough said.

6. Level of alertness when walking at night. Guys: ??? Girls: Look left, look right, have my key ready, no dark alleys, are those footsteps behind me?!, etc.

7. Level of pain tolerance in the name of fashion. After spending over 14 hours in Las Vegas in 4 inch heels, I can personally attest to the fact that girls take this way too far.

8. Ability to multi-task.

9. Amount of fabric in clothing. Ever notice when the fashion for guys gets baggier (i.e. more fabric per article of clothing) the fashion for girls seem to get skimpier (i.e. less fabric per article of clothing)?

10. Girls do not partake in normal bodily functions (as partially covered in #2) *haha #2!


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